Calibrations & Gas Analysis

We perform BLM-approved calibrations in the field for all types and brands of electronic flow meters as well as paper chart recorders. We coordinate with the BLM to keep current with witnesses and meeting all regulations. While on site we maintain your meter to ensure it is meeting all specifications for proper gas measurement and it is configured and operating optimally.

We also provide in-house calibrations with quick turnaround on most pressure and temperature transmitters or dataloggers as well as electronic flow meters and chart recorders.

Our calibrators have portable gas chromatographs on their trucks so they can do a gas analysis on-site, while calibrating, and enter it in the flow meter on the spot. We also have the capability to do gas analysis in our lab at the shop.

Automated gates and flow measurement

We install innovative water control equipment for: Ag/Irrigation, Water/Waste Water, and Industrial applications. Our manufactured products include: SLUICE GATES, SLIDE GATES, TAINTER GATES, GATE ACTUATORS, DEBRIS/TRASH TRAPS (remove) and CONTROL SYSTEMS. We are reps for the only U.S. company that makes a complete line of water control products designed to easily integrate with each other to operate as systems.

  • Standard Sluice Gate (slide gate)– undershot (bottom-up) any size, flush and channel mount, fit into slots to replace boards, any size
  • Weir Gate (top-down) – overshot for flow measurements
  • Double Stem Sluice and Weir Gate – Dual stems for blade stability in wide openings and very heavy gates
  • Split Gate – a WT innovation producing the best Check Structure options available– two blades in one frame (bottom up and top down). Standard single or double stem for debris/silt removal and emergency large flow dumps and Independent Blade where both blades operate independently for double blade automation.
  • “Smart” Sluice Gates – another WT innovation –  WT gates with integrated Controller (PLC), add telemetry for integrated Actuator and RTU in one enclosure.
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically -actuated Sluice Gate

Residential water meters

We install our automated residential water meters on new hookups or retrofit existing hookups. Our meters give the water provider complete data on water usage, temperature, flow rate, etc. The meter will automatically send alerts on conditions such as: unusual water usage, indicating a possible leak; low temperature, to prevent freezing; etc. The meter can also be shut off and turned on remotely. This is handy for unpaid bills or for snowbirds leaving for the winter and returning in the spring.

Data is transmitted wirelessly to the "cloud" and can be viewed and controlled from anywhere there is internet access.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Quality workmanship

Our experience enables us to provide efficient, quality service to save you time and money.

Instrumentation & Electrical

As systems integrators for process automation, we have the knowledge and experience to install your instrumentation and controllers, such as PLCs and RTUs, and program them to automate your process and save you money by allowing you to monitor your equipment remotely and get alarms in time to prevent costly mishaps. We have licensed electricians to install all the wiring and work with any high voltage eqiuipment you may have. Contact us to see how our experienced, efficient, and knowledgeable team can help save you money.

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