1. One pressure and one temperature

2. Two pressures and one temperature

3. Two pressures and two temperatures

4. Or set up and save your own configuration of up to 8 inputs

Simply turn the unit on, select the configuration you want, touch the start logging button on the touch screen, and the logging will start. You can then view the current values either on a graph or as numbers. You can even set up alarms to notify you if the pressure drops. Once logging is done touch the stop logging button and save the data to a USB drive. Then simply put the USB drive into a computer and import the data into the Hydrologger software to create your report. No more cables!

Once the data is imported into the report, fill in the report name, company and person doing the testing, company and location the test is for and the pressure tested at. You can view the data in tabular form, view just the temperature(s) chart, view just the pressure(s) chart, or view both together on one chart. If you enter a test pressure, a line will be drawn across the chart indicating the test pressure. You can then save the report to be reopened later and/or print it.

  • Up to 8 inputs pressures and temperatures
  • View live data in line graph or by values
  • Wireless option available
  • Handheld unit with touch-screen interface
  • No cables required to connect your laptop
  • Easy-to-use software for creating and printing reports

​​The Paragon Automation MP8 Data Recorder replaces the outdated, heavy, mechanical, chart recorder and dead-weight tester for doing pressure tests. The MP8 is a handheld, all-electronic recorder that weighs only one pound and comes with its own carrying case about the size of a laptop. You can record pressures up to 10,000 pounds and temperatures from –50-500 degrees Fahrenheit. It will record up to 8 pressures/temperatures. Just open one of the preloaded configurations to record: 

Call (435) 781-2128  or (435)-650-1069

MP8 Data Recorder (one 10,000 psi pressure input and one temperature input).........$3,897.57

MP8 Data Recorder (one 5,000 psi pressure input and one temperature input)...........$3,897.57

MP8 Data Recorder (two 10,000 psi pressure inputs and two temperature inputs).....$4,919.31

MP8 Data Recorder (two 5,000 psi pressure inputs and two temperature inputs)........$4,919.31

Wireless Option (view the pressures and temperatures remotely)..................................$2,489.46