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Eliminates Need for Multiple Tanks and Pumps

  • Improved Injection Accuracy –
  • Inject the right amount when it is needed
  • Avoid the costs of over injection
  • Avoid downtime/reworks due to under injection

High/Low Pressure Shut-in

  • Rapidly identify leaks or blockages in the line and shut down pumping if detected

Flow Assurance

  • Immediate feedback from the gear meter lets you know you are pumping chemical, resulting in no blocked lines or empty tanks


  • Works with a wide variety of chemicals

Monitor System Performance

  • Prevent system downtime by continually monitoring system performance
  • Optional Level Monitoring and Temperature/Pressure Control


Maximum Operating Pressure: Up to 1,450 psi
Maximum Operating Temperature: -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Power: 10-30 VDC
Data Interfaces:

  • SignalFire Wireless Radio
  • RS485 Modbus RTU

Motor Control: Up to 12A at 12 VDC
Internal Diagnostics:  Supply voltage, signal strength, error conditions
Radio Frequency: 902-928 MHz ISM band, 300mWFHSS radio, Antenna included with wireless option


The SignalFire Chemical Injection Monitoring & Control Package (SF-CIS) monitors, controls, and optimizes the chemical injection process to provide you with a known and measured chemical dosing rate and diagnostic information. No longer do you need to rely on timed control and manpower to keep your chemical injection system running smoothly. The SF-CIS integrates easily into your existing tank, pump and electrical system


  • Allows operational visibility into a critical and expensive process
  • Independent injection rates on up to 8 different lines
  • Can view/change controller data and dosage rates remotely
  • Verifies that chemical injection is dosing to specifications
  • Can provide tank level monitoring to alert when refill is needed
  • Can wirelessly control one remote pump
  • Prevents spills by detecting leaks or blocked lines

Multiple Operating Modes

  • Timed - Inject on a timed schedule
  • Auto Volume - Specify a daily injection quantity (quarts/day)
  • Auto Production - Specify well production rate and desired chemical dosing PPM. Requires flow rate data from a flow computer. Injection rates will automatically change with production.
  •  Manual - Manual on and off
  •  Temperature - Set temp limits to start or stop all injection based on ambient temp. Good for methanol injection.